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About Us


With it's motto in mind the Liffey Trust was founded in 1984 to help potential entrepreneurs and community groups to become established.

We are a voluntary organisation that formed with the conscious decision to finance our activities and develop the Liffey Trust Centre by our own efforts and not with any government help. At the Liffey Trust we are proud of our success in achieving this and becoming financially self-sufficient.

In the past 30 years, we have helped over 200 businesses find their feet creating jobs for over 1,000 people.

The Liffey Trust Services

The Trust has identified the needs of entrepreneurs which were not catered for by the existing help agencies.
It provides the following services nationwide:-

  • It prepare Business Plans, Feasibility Studies, and Grant Applications, free of charge.
  • It advises on ways and means of raising finance to help persons setting up their own business.
  • It provides guidance on the way to set up accountancy and control systems for new businesses.
  • It provides management consultancy for the first year.
  • It provides free marketing consultancy for the first year.
  • It provides work space if available in Dublin with reduced rent for new businesses while they are being established.
  • We take care of the bureaucratic procedures.
  • We help a new business to decide its legal structure; to become registered; to obtain a VAT number; to register for PAYE and PRSI and to obtain sub-contractors numbers
  • It provides working space (retail, commercial, Food Kitchens and services accommodation) with reduced rent for new businesses while they are being established.

History of the Liffey Trust

The Liffey Trust Limited was founded in 1984 to help create jobs by assisting potential entrepreneurs, community and other enterprise groups to become established.

It is structured as a company limited by guarantee having no share capital. It is a registered charity (CHY 6544).

The Trust when it was formed made a conscious management decision to finance its activities and to develop its enterprise centre entirely by its own efforts and not seeking government financial help. The Trust is proud of its success in achieving this and becoming financially self-sufficient. The Trust believes that too many communities and other groups depend on State aid thereby limiting the resources available for other worthy and noble causes. The Trust has always seen itself, as an organisation that helps the work of other State help agencies such as IDA, FAS, Teagasc etc.
In all our literature from 1984 we have clearly stated that the Trust has identified the immediate and urgent requirements of new businesses which are not covered by State agencies.

The Liffey Trust was first housed in a Merchants Warehouse Plc old disused granary in the North Wall area of Dublin's docklands before being burned down in a fire in 2002.

We then obtained planning permission from Dublin Docklands to create a brand new custom built structure to suit our needs.
We opened the doors of The Liffey Trust Centre in 2008 and currently have 26 units that can be used for retail, commercial and culinary use, 9 studios that can be used for conventions and PR events, and The Green Room Bar.


The Liffey Trust is governed by an Executive Committee and a Board of Honorary Trustees. However, in order to expedite decision making and ensure immediate response to the needs of potential Entrepreneurs they have appointed one of their members, Mr Seamus McDermott to take charge of the day to day running of the trust with the title of Director.

Objectives of the Trust

It identified the immediate and urgent requirements of new businesses and it therefore provides the following services:
It helps prepare business plans, feasibility studies and grant applications, free of charge. It advises on ways and means of raising finance and provides guidance on how to set up accountancy and control systems and provides free management and marketing consultancy. It takes care of bureaucratic procedures, helping new enterprises to choose their legal structure, register for PRSI, PAYE and VAT and obtain, if required, sub-contractors certificates.


In its Enterprise Centre in Dublin the Trust has units which it lets to small enterprises that are established and also to start ups. To date the Trust has helped more than 200 enterprises creating employment for approximately 800 persons.

The Research College

Under its Memorandum and Articles of Association the Trust is also a Research Institute and is recognised by the Revenue Commissioners as a Research Colleague.
In this capacity it has researched and submitted to Government a number of schemes for creating employment. It has been in consultation with the Department of Education regarding the Applied Leaving Certificate and with the Department of Social Welfare on the Back To Work Allowance Schemes.
It has run Start Your Own Business courses in the Institute of Adult Education, Dublin Libraries and in Wheatfield and Mountjoy Prisons. It gives regular lectures on Enterprise in schools in the Dublin area. It has helped over 40 community Enterprise Groups to become established in various locations throughout the country.

In 1989 the Trust compiled and published a Self Help Kit for Potential Entrepreneurs wishing to start their own business. More than 7,000 copies of this were requested and delivered free to individuals throughout the country.This was upgraded in 1994 with the publication of the book "Setting Up a Business" by our Director, Mr Seamus McDermott.
We have also actively developed the concept of 'follow on' Enterprise Development Courses and have written the programme – Growtec Business Management.


The concept of monitoring was introduced by the Trust from its foundation over 25 years ago. Its monitors gave their services free and still do. They are all persons with practical experience, a qualification on which the Trust insists.

Audited Accounts

A copy of our audited accounts can be found here.