Founder Seamus McDermott -

Founder Seamus McDermott

Posted in News by Faun on 04 Feb 2019.

Seamus McDermott is a Chartered Engineer with degrees in mechanical and electrical engineering from U.C.D. He is a founder member of the Irish Institute of Industrial Engineers and was Honorary Secretary of the Institute for a number of years. He is a past Chairman of the Institute of Training and Development. He is also a member of the M.T.M. Association. He held senior management positions in Semi State and private industry prior to setting up his own business in Management Consultancy. He is the founder and Director General of the Liffey Trust. He has helped more than three hundred small businesses to be established throughout Ireland.  He also lectured on management and engineering in Ireland and overseas and has developed his own property business.

Pic: Seamus McDermott speaking at Trinity College Dublin

The Liffey Trust is a registered charity and a research college, formally established in 1984. Its centre is based in Dublin 1 Docklands. The Trust is self-financing and its primary objective is to promote entrepreneurial development.

Its new, state of the art centre presently accommodates approximately 25 new enterprises, mostly in food production and high tech industries.  It also houses one of the largest performing arts educational centres in Europe with nine studios.

In 2002 The Liffey Trust Building went up in Flames with no insurance. In those days Insurance companies would not insure property in sheriff street Dublin 1. Seamus at 67 years of age went about getting investors to buy the land and build a new Entreprise Centre. He worked tirelessly and put together a joint venture with builders that would hand back the New Entreprise Centre Free of debt. Along came the property crash and the builders went out of business. Seamus had to meander his way through new developers, Anglo Irish Bank, IBRC, Nama, and their associated  lawyers and all the associated problems to get the building completed.

Today the Liffey Trust has a state of the art Enterprise centre housed by many young entrepreneurs all because of Seamus Mc Dermotts labour of love and his driving ambition to help others.   

Having given 35 years of his life to The Liffey Trust Seamus retired on January 12th 2018 and handed the reins over to a new chairman, the Trusts first tenant Aidan Corless.