Get behind Sticks and Stones Anti-Bullying Programme, it wont cost you a cent. -

Get behind Sticks and Stones Anti-Bullying Programme, it wont cost you a cent.

Posted in News by Michelle on 21 Aug 2019.

At Sticks and Stones Anti-bullying Programme™ they believe that every child has the right to fulfil his or her potential free from the damage that bullying causes.

The work of this amazing programme greatly reduces the incidences of bullying, activates empathy and improves the team spirit in a class

"Research carried out by the Anti-Bullying Research and Resource Centre, Trinity College, Dublin, found that 30% of students reported that they had been bullied in the previous months. In addition, almost 25% of students reported that they had taken part in the bullying of others at school." (Anti-Bullying Centre, TCD.

With studies returning after the fall, dealing with bullying can be a huge challenge. Sticks and Stones offer a three-strand approach for their anti-bullying programme that targets the whole school community.

Their programme helps children and young people, teachers and parents to acknowledge, challenge and prevent bullying through anti-bullying drama workshops for children and young people, information evenings for parent’s groups, and training, advice and support for teachers and other stakeholders engaged in promoting tolerance and social inclusion in society.

They are looking for your support to reach even more schools. Your investment will ensure that every child that needs them can participate in the programme. It’s roughly the price of a Big Mac Meal for a child to participate in the programme – you don’t need us to tell you which will benefit a child more.

One simple way to support their amazing work is through Plan on making an order from Amazon soon? Well, start your order from the link attached below and a very small percentage of your overall purchase will go to Sticks and Stones. 

Click here to start your Amazon and help this amazing programme make a difference to children's lives.