Lunch Time Exercise -

Lunch Time Exercise

Posted in News by Faun on 06 Mar 2018.

Swedish fashion and sportswear company Bjorn Borg leave their desks every Friday and travel to a local gym to participate in a grueling yoga class. The class is compulsory, and every single employee is expected to attend.

“If you don’t want to exercise or be a part of the company culture, you must go,” chief executive Henrik Bunge’’. So far no one has quit because of the requirement, he adds.

The main aim of this policy is to boost profitability, productivity and camaraderie within the workforce.

Steaming from a study carried out by The University of Stockholm who examined the theory. Findings suggest there was a 22% decline in work absences, not negligible in a country where the average person is on sick leave 4% of the time, twice the European average.

Bunge is convinced the workplace he has created has made employees happier and more productive, noting that all the company’s key numbers have gone up since the new regime was introduced.

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