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Social Talent is an Irish start-up that has quickly become the leading provider of online and social media training to the recruitment and staffing industry worldwide. To date, more than 15,000 recruiters from companies such as Alexander Mann Solutions, Oracle, Shell, Philips, L’Oreal, Sodexo and Apple have completed our Black Belt in Internet Recruitment training programme.

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We started life as an international recruitment agency at the beginning of the worst recession most of us have ever known. In 2008, the founders, Jonathan Campbell and Vincent O’Donoghue had mortgages to pay and young children to feed which served as perfect motivators to break down the traditional methods of talent acquisition that they found faltering in the first 6 months of their new business. Through trial and error (definitely heavily weighted on the number of errors!) they discovered a new way of utilising online data, predominantly in social networks, to source leads for their client’s vacancies.

Over the course of 2009 and 2010 the two boys realised that they had stumbled upon an internet sourcing community that had existed for many years but was only just going mainstream. Neither ever considered themselves to be sourcers, but they leveraged every trick and technique in the book with the sole aim of finding better talent for their clients.


From these early successes, Social Talent was born in December 2010. Initially, we sought to offer outsourced social media management and consultancy service to corporates and agencies struggling to find themselves online. We did a bit of training in the early months, but as the summer of 2011 came to a close, the two entrepreneurs realised that whilst companies thought they needed external consultants to help them come to grips with the opportunities of social recruitment, what they really needed was training to allow them to augment their skills and get on with that they did best, namely hiring great talent. The Black Belt in Internet Recruitment qualification was born in August 2011 and within a year, over 4,000 recruiters from all over the world had been trained.

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As demand for our courses increased, so did the challenge of servicing an increasingly larger and geographically-diverse client base. Up until October 2012, all of Social Talent’s training had been in-person with groups of 15 or less in each training session. With the launch of Mentor, our online training platform, we now deliver personalised internet recruitment training to any recruiter in the world, in their own time and to teams from one person to thousands of people.

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