CroíValve raises an €8M series A round to support a Feasibility Clinical Study expands the Board of Directors and Leadership Team.

CroíValve, a Dublin-based medical device company developing a novel treatment for tricuspid regurgitation, has raised a Series A round to fund a Feasibility clinical study with its DUO Coaptation Valve system. This novel approach to treating tricuspid regurgitation combines the best of repair and replacement to provide the right solution for the right heart. Additionally, CroíValve welcomes Dr. Azin Parhizgar, Ph.D., a leading medical device entrepreneur in structural heart, to its Board of Directors. In addition, Helen Scotch has joined the Senior Leadership Team as Vice President of Clinical and Regulatory Affairs.

Tricuspid regurgitation (TR) is a severe heart condition that occurs when the tricuspid valve fails to close properly. This results in blood being pumped backwards into the right atrium and venous system causing debilitating symptoms. The DUO System consists of a coaptation valve implant that works in tandem with the native tricuspid valve to restore valve function. The device is delivered percutaneously and is secured using a novel anchor system which leaves the delicate right heart chamber and native valve apparatus untouched. This innovative approach has already generated convincing pre-clinical and clinical data. Temporary clinical implants of the DUO Coaptation Valve have demonstrated the ability to significantly reduce TR in patients with torrential TR, large annuli, and imaging difficulties.

The investment round was led by the HBAN (Halo Business Angel Network) MedTech and Irrus Syndicates, alongside existing investors Atlantic Bridge University Fund, Broadview Ventures, SOSV and Enterprise Ireland, and new investors Elkstone, Ascentifi, and DBIC. The funding will support a European Feasibility Study of the CroíValve Transcatheter Tricuspid DUO Coaptation Valve System.

Dr. Parhizgar is currently the Chairman of the Board of CVPath Institute, a Senior Venture Partner at 415 Capital, and a Board member at Soundbite Medical Solutions, InnovHeart, Moray Medical, Vessl, and Women as One.

Helen Scotch is a highly experienced leader of Regulatory, Clinical, and Quality. Helen previously served in leadership roles in both start-ups (TriFlo and Cephea) and multinationals (Boston Scientific) across the full product development lifecycle in the structural heart space.

Well done to everyone involved in these life-changing developments!